In the beginning

There was an attempt to keep track of my efforts in TM470 – TheComputing and IT project – using Toggl to follow the time used and Evernote to keep all of the project activities, etc. However, I found that I was forgetting to do this. In fact, I got up one morning to find that I had spent 16 hours working on one aspect – I forgot to turn Toggl off! At that point I realised that I could achieve one of my little ambitions in life. By that I don’t mean that all my ambitions are little – far from it, let’s be honest getting aB.Sc.(Hons) and 72 isn’t a little one at all! – but that it was on the minor to do list. This ambition was to have a reason to buy an A4 Moleskine notebook – squared of course. I now keep all of my time used and all of my thoughts in a wonderful book.


However, as good as this is, it doesn’t achieve two of my aims:

  • Keep a coherent track of my thoughts, achievements and plans
  • Provide references for my assignments – and the marking scheme is big on references!

Hence this blog. It is here that you will find in depth discussions regarding my thoughts for developing the project. I will discuss my reasons for choices and also my decisions regarding the rejection of some of those choices. Stay for the journey. It is going to be interesting – provided you are in to object oriented programming, agile development methods, freight car routing and  other esoteric activities.

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