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Freight Car Routing forModel Railroads



This blog is a blow by blow account of my journey through the project. As WordPress puts the blog back to front – the latest date at the top, which is great if you are following but lousy if you are a new reader – I will put an index here.

InThe Beginning
A Little Bit of History
Getting the System Running
Technical Background
A Quick Look at the Database
Data Flow
So, what does all this do?
Software flow – Menu
Quiet Progress but lots of thinking
Working on the Decision Engine
Decision Engine – Second Phase Scenarios
Back on the Road – 5th June

Week ending 11th June 2017
Week ending 18th June 2017
Week ending 25th June 2017
Week ending 2nd July 2017
Stakeholder Comments
Up to date plan of the SNE
Last Phase – The Android App – Starting 3rd July 2017
Week ending 16th July 2017
Week ending 23rd July 2017 The Big Rebuild
Week ending 30th July 2017
Week ending 5th August 2017
Week ending 12th August 2017
Week ending 19th August – Final software phase
Week ending 26th August 2017 – A bad start to the week
The final run in to the module end

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