Quiet progress but lots of thinking

It has been a bit slow here at the Sunset and North Eastern planning department. It isn’t that nothing is happening, it is just that we have been waiting for the Federal Railroad Administration to send us their latest inspection report. Well, in truth, I have been waiting to see what came out of the latest TMA submission. This TMA is an extension of the first with expanded coverage of the basics and reporting on the work so far.

My tutor is, wisely, staying out of the actual railroad side of things. He is, however, giving me some very good tips for preparing the next TMA, which is due on 4th July. The main tasks to be done before the next submission are as follows:

  • First pass at defining the Decision Engine (DE) to do a real job.
  • Add POST capability so that loco and car movements can be updated
  • Add user security to all pages, not just to login

The DE will be the hard part. Currently, I am buried beneath a TMA for my other course (TM352 – Web, Cloud and Mobile Technologies) where I am struggling a bit to get to grips with using JavaScript and Java to get an Android app working. I need to get this organised so that I can build the mobile front end to this project.

Additionally, my tutor has brought up an interesting point regarding intellectual property (IP). I rather skipped over personal IP in the TMA but my tutor’s comment was “I disagree, as you may explore this as a commercial entity you need to review your newly created IP. Do you need to protect it?” Exploring this as a commercial entity – wife says no but my heart says why not!

Anyway, I have plenty to be getting on with but nothing that I can report here. You can see what I have been doing by following my other two relevant blogs.

Firstly, my Open University Blog.
Secondly, my Model Railway Blog

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