Back on the road

I have had to take a few weeks out of my TM470 project timetable due to the need to get to grips with Javascript. I have been studying TM352 – Web, Cloud and Mobile Technologies –  as one of the last modules required for my honours degree. I also wanted to complete the module before getting on with this course as part ofTM352  was teaching us to write apps for mobiles. As it turned out there was almost no teaching. They just gave us an assignment that assumed that we could write Java and Javascript. The End of Module Assessment (EMA) also required these skills so, me have none of them, had to scrabble around finding out how it all worked so that I could even attempt a pass. I managed – sort of – and the EMA is now in and the course is over so I have just this module to worry about until September, when it finishes.

I have decided that, although I have been using the blog to illustrate the ideas and thinking behind my freight car routing project, I have not found a satisfactory way of recording the progress as is required. Hence, I am changing the blog to be a daily/weekly record of my activity and,along the way, expanding on my thinking and planning.

The next Tutor Marked Assignment is due on the 4th July, which gives me four clear weeks to carry out the next portion of my project. This had two aims:

  1. To complete the REST implementation by including a PUT capability into the interface. This will enable me to build a manual correction facility for railroad car placement at locations.
  2. To implement as much of the Decision Engine (DE) as can be achieved to enable real, random, car routing, alongside a timetable, to happen.

Additionally, I have been actively seeking external input to the ideas. This has been somewhat successful in that there have been a good many responses to postings asking for input but not much of it has been any use in planning the DE. I will dedicate a blog page to the inputs that I have received – and mention some of the well meant but inappropriate efforts to help.

Firstly, however, I have to lay out a plan for the next four weeks. I have to submit a Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) of 5,000 words (not including appendices). The important aspects are  given to us as “Learning Outcomes” (LE).  The best marks are to be earned by ensuring that these LEs are met in full.  It is a bit of an art organising a report on the project that, hopefully, describes what has happened, how it meets the project goals and how one is expecting to get to the end from here – and meets these LEs successfully. The LEs for the upcoming TMA are:

Problem description

  • nature and context of the problem
  • proposed solution or recommendations
  • analysis of likely impact
LO2. Identify and refine the goals and content of your project


Account of related literature LO4. Gather, analyse and evaluate relevant information to complete the project successfully

LO6. Make effective use of a variety of information sources including the internet, demonstrating awareness of the credibility of the source

Account of project work and its outcome LO1. Demonstrate and apply a systematic understanding of the fundamental technical concepts and principles relevant to your project

With these in mind I need to sit down and work through my current notes and files.

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