“On Paper” definition of On Railroad train creation

Train = get Next Train definition
Verify Loco/Caboose Availability 
     If OK then
            Create New Train (Train)
            Apply Loco/Caboose
           Using List Of Towns On Train
                 Check each industry for loads ready to go
                     in the right direction(LRTG)
                         (ActualTimeOnSite >= TimeOnSite)
                 Add all LRTG to Train/Loads (TL)
                Check each industry for empties ready to go
                     in the right direction (ERTG)
                         (ActualTimeOnSite >= TimeOnSite)
                 Add all ERTG to Train/Empties (TE)
                TNL = TrainNewLoads
                Random select industries for new empties or loads
                 up to 50% of Train/Size (TS)  = TN//50% constant -                   may change
          Assess TS against TL+TE+TN (TT)
         If TT>TS then random reduce all three parts to fit.
TBD - Assess TrainWeight (TW) against LocoPower (TP)
      Add Locos if needed and available
      Finally assess TP against TS and make final adjustment
Display Train
Confirm Train has been run as expected
Update Loco/Caboose/Car locations and industry car details.

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