Week ending 18th June 2017

The week started off nice and early so that I could get a lot done. The plan is to have all of the software written this week for the Decision Engine so that I can get program the POST operations that are required for static amendment of the data (i.e. not by the logic – this is useful if manual placement of cars doesn’t match the data held on file) and then get on with the TMA.

It hasn’t worked out that way because of the large effort on Sunday to restructure the database to match the new test layout. Having been away for some time, I am having to remind myself of how the manual loading processes work. I should have build some scripts to do this but have relied on test scripts within the main  code. My arthritis is also making my brain feel like mush so this is hard work. Still, I have a whole week to get this sorted. I am only out for Monday afternoon and Friday morning so there ought to be enough time to get this sorted and have the logic code underway.

Monday 12th June 11.14. Completed restructuring of data. All data now verified in Excel, stored in Riak and presented through web pages off the Main menu (local version only for now. Into release version on 13th June). Completed adding location drop down to required pages. Now need to complete the PUT web operation so that the results can be saved back.

Tuesday 13th June 10.22 – Commenced work on http PUT. It is 15.37 and I have spent all this time trying to get the whole system to work. Having changed all of the data definitions, I missed some of the places where changes were needed. I stopped. Did a review of what was needed and then carefully went through and fixed all the issues. There were a couple of instances where I had broken my rule of having everything separated into their own servers. I fixed those instances as well so we are now back to a working system with the integrity back in place.

Wednesday 17:11. Finished. The POST/PUT was quite difficult to put into the system – the main problem was maintaining the username across the various page changes. Done now. The moveable items can all, now, have their location changed on a page. This will be needed when we come to the mobile phone/tablet version. Tomorrow afternoon I can get on with the decision engine. I am desperately making up hours lost to TM352.

Friday 11.44. I intend to spend the rest of the day getting the first run at the DE. First off, I have to set up the cars to be in place. I then need to boilerplate the code so that I can run the timetable. This will enable me to set all of the parameters ( such as time on site) needed as the trains are created. Once I have run a full timetable with this, I will start to flesh out the code.

Saturday 10:50. I failed to progress yesterday, mostly due to my arthritis. I have decided to start again with a clean sheet for the train creation. All previous attempts have ended up too complicated to achieve in the time frame available so I am going to reduce the specification. The result will still be a working routing program but will have some of the “bells and whistles” left for a later pass.

At last, I have got somewhere. I can now create a local freight with cars, a loco and a caboose. In fact, there are no cars because, as currently set out, all of the cars are on the of site staging and not on the railroad. If I run this process through a full schedule, we should end up with cars spread randomly around the layout. Then the second run will give us a better test.

Sunday 10:20. Last day of the week and some real progress this week. Finally got my brain in gear and managed to overcome the arthritic fog that I suffer from quite regularly. I now have one version of the Way Freight process done. Today I am going to work on displaying the resulting train and updating the physical positions of everything once the “real world” train has been actioned. If I can get that sone quickly, I will move on to the next train in the schedule. This is through freight from one division yard (off layout staging) through to another division yard (another off layout staging) – with a stop off in the middle. A bit less complicated than a way freight.

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