Week Ending 25th June 2017

Monday, 19th June.

Spent all the time today working on the TMA. Using TMA 02 as a master and adjusting, correcting, deleting and adding as required.  About 30% complete, I would think.

Tuesday, 20th June.

decided that I can go back to normal studying routine of 5 days a week for 2 – 3 hours, rather than spending all day, 7 days a week, which is what was needed to catch up after working on TM352. Currently working on the code to expand the train types from the sole “way freight” type through the rest of the types.

Well, that was fun. I was having trouble testing the flow of trains through the timetable, so as a temporary measure, I have put in a link to reset the database to its startup state. I have done this as a REST link (GET) so it can’t stay but then,  any reset ought to be done under more controlled conditions (which are outside of the scope of this project as this function wasn’t included in the project outline).

The next train type coming up is the through freight, which should load up a semi-random number of cars from the base yard and take them to the destination yard, maybe with some drop offs at major yards along the way. I have the code sorted but needed the reset to enable me to continue to test it. Back onto this on Thursday morning.

Wednesday 21st June

11.00. Change of plan. I have two hours today to work on the Through Train definition. First thing to do is to get the randomiser working the way I need it.

11:16. There is now a randomiser for the total freight cars.

11:54. Trying to run a series of trains and getting in a mess. Time limited this morning so I will stop and pick it up again this evening. I will update Wrike! though.

Thursday 22nd June

Change of plan – again – didn’t get anything done last night but not going shopping this morning so a few hours to get this right.

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