Week ending 23rd July – The big rebuild

Monday 17th – Tuesday 18th July 2017

The big iMac is back and running but needs lots of file movements and program installs. Was pondering how to resolve my irritations regarding the setup at “Pennington Towers” when I started to install Cordova. I was following the instructions in TM352, which I had working prior to the big rebuild. However, I couldn’t get it to work and the Mac configuration was getting messier and messier.
Aside – one of the joys of having a computer software company with a US contract means that there is generally some money lying around in it – with more to come each year for the next three years!
Monday morning saw me at John Lewis buying a nice shiny (well, slate grey) MacBook Pro – 15″ screen, 16GB and a 256SSD. This lets me work in the living room once Tm470 is over (I will still do lots of programming, especially now as I know how to do a phone app). It also gives me a nice clean environment to create a programming work station – Smalltalk and Cordova – that should be great to work at.

Unfortunately, this has meant that nothing has been done on the project for nearly a week and I am unlikely to get going before Thursday.  Luckily, I am allocating 2 hours a day for 5 days a week so I can find a few more hours and thus I should be back on track by Sunday!

Saturday 22nd July 2017

Well, I am back and running again. The iMac is back as a home machine whilst I have configured the MacBookPro to be my work computer. It now has Parallels installed with a new copy of Windows 10. I have installed a fresh Smalltalk 8.6.3 and loaded in all of my historic code – almost everything that I have written in the language since coming across to VAST back “then”.  It has a working copy of Seaside and the 470Router software loaded (although I haven’t installed the ini file yet so it doesn’t work). This doesn’t matter as the real one is up and running on its exposed URL. I have also, following the instructions on the Udemy video course, installed Android Studio and now have Cordova working properly. I have also installed the Chrome extension for CORS – (otherwise Google won’t go out to remote sites for data). So, I am now sitting here bringing everything up to date. The plan for today is to get a table into the post-login page. This table will hold the buttons for the various data functions and enable them to be in a decent shape.

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