Week ending 5th August

Sunday 30th July

Didn’t get very far today – my arthritis is causing me some problems.

Monday 31st July

Today was a big review of the JSON being sent to the app. My software likes the format, JSONLint (which is a JSON checker) likes my formatting but the JavaScript throws it out. I have done a lot of checking and have changed the JSON format just for the app. At least the JS isn’t complaining any more but I only get one line of data from my JS formatting for the table. I have run out of time today so I will sort this little issue tomorrow.

Tuesday 1st August

I spent much of my time trying to find out why the JavaScript JSON parser was only returning the last line of my data. In the end, with time flying away, I decided that I have to get the basic functionality working. To this end, I rewrote the Smalltalk back end so that it returns a formatted string of the data for each of the ‘Trains, “Tracks, ‘Routes’ and ‘Towns’. Once I did this, I was able to parse out the wanted stuff and, as the allocated two hours came to an end, saw the four data pages be shown and formatted correctly. There are some small reworks to take place but nothing major – except that I am not sure how to do these in JavaScript.

I have spent a lot of time recently with JavaScript but I find it quite frustrating. I am used to working within a dynamic IDE structure. In Smalltalk it is possible to change the code in a running program but in JavaScript I have to keep killing the process and restarting at every minor change (unless there is something in there that I am missing). However, I am managing to code and get something running, which I would not have believed 6 months ago! Next session, I will have a go at getting the “Next Train” functions to work.

***Note from Friday – I experimented and found out that I can dynamically rewrite the JavaScript inside Chrome. I didn’t know this. Now, I can make changes on the fly which is much more like my Smalltalk environment. I tried to change the HTML, but it won’t let that happen – no surprises there, of course.

Wednesday 2nd August

Working to day instead of Thursday (shopping to do!). I have now sorted out the extraneous characters coming through from the database and all of the displays now look close to the final version. They need someTLC but that will have to wait until I have finished all the other code as this TLC isn’t vital. I have been trying to get the custom railroad logo to come up on the display pages but I can’t get the JavaScript connection to work for code inline to HTML. Again, this will now have to wait until I have got the rest of the code working.

Carried on later and got the Smalltalk backend to supply the “next train”. I am having some fun getting the JavaScript formatting to work on this. It is a bit of a puzzle as the code really shouldn’t be an different from that used to display the other data. Back to work on this on Saturday afternoon for a few hours.

Saturday 5th August

Working on the Next Train display but having some trouble parsing out the Json. Time is passing so, again, it has been expedient to reformat the returning string into a simpler format. I ran out of time to complete this so I have out the completion off until Monday (I am out all day Sunday).

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