Week ending 26th August 2017 – A bad start to the week

Sunday 20th August 2017

I spent a long day from 10am until 6.30pm trying to sort out the mess that I was making. I came back to coding at 7.30 and realised that it was unrecoverable. I threw away all of the day’s code and went back to close of day Saturday where, at least, the JSON export was coherent. In the process, I lost the HTML formatting of the visual displays but the work there was easy and obvious so it didn’t hurt the plan.

Monday was supposed to be the first day of work on the EMA but that has to go back to Tuesday now.

I cleaned up both coding environments – Smalltalk and JavaScript and packaged up a clean set for Monday morning.

Monday – Tuesday 21st/22nd August 2017

I am very glad that I did what I did. A couple of hours each day and suddenly everything is looking much better.  I think that I now have the JavaScript doing what I need it to do. All I have now is a couple of irritating bugs in the Smalltalk back end, which I should be able to clear “out of hours” as it were – in other words, Must get on with the EMA and find some time in the evenings to sort out the little bugs.

I was on my own Tuesday evening – wife went to stay with her mother – so I got onto the Smalltalk issues. The first thing that I did was to put in some proper logging so that I could see, immediately, when anything came from the Android stuff. I then sorted out all of the little bugs. I have one biggie left, which I will do before the end of the week.

Thursday 24th August 2017

I have now started work on the EMA. I spent the whole two hours today getting into the swing just writing rather than coding. My new MacBookPro works very well on my new  computer stand with me sitting in my orthopaedic armchair so I can get on rapidly.

I spent the afternoon trying to get Cordova to create an Android app. This proved to be a tricky process and I had to go back to a tutorial that I bought when doing TM352 for guidance. That and a youtube video sorted out the issue and I now have the app working on my Lenovo 10″ tablet. This is the intended target for the app so it is good to see it working properly. Only one trouble! Nothing works 😦

I should know by now the pitfalls of self testing. When running under the Chrome emulator, I use a keyboard to enter the username and password. On the tablet, I have to use the touch keyboard. I didn’t notice that the touch keyboard was, automatically, putting the first letter into upper case. This is normal for phone/tablet input but I missed it. Of course, the username on the back end is case sensitive! Once I sorted out that problem – sending asLowercase to the incoming username sorted that one as I didn’t want to keep messing about changing the keyboard to lower case all the time. Here are a couple of examples of the “current train” output.

I had an interesting session on one of the US forums but I will keep that for another day.

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